Monday, December 28, 2015

Documentary Film: Resting Places

Documentary Film by J. Michael KipikashMelissa Villanueva

Resting Places (2007)

Documentary about the global phenomenon of roadside memorials, their explosive worldwide growth, and the legal controversy that now surrounds the tradition.

Crosses, Flowers, and Asphalt: Roadside Memorials in the US South - Tom Zarrilli

Crosses, Flowers, and Asphalt: Roadside Memorials in the US South 
by Tom Zarrilli




Friday, November 27, 2015

Doug Flynn - Ghost Bike - Somerton, AZ - September 24, 2009

Doug Flynn
Ghost Bike - Somerton, AZ - September 24, 2009

Photographed by Brad Pease on November 11, 2015.

A head on collision resulted in the death of a bicyclist. Doug Flynn was the president of a local bicycling club on a local ride with the group. Another member was injured, but Doug Flynn was killed on the spot.

No criminal charges were placed against the driver, which tried to pass a farm vehicle with the sun in her eyes. 

News Article Links:

More photos on by Brad Pease

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Update: Rodriguez couple - Yuma, AZ - rt. 95/Avenue 7E

Update: Rodriguez couple - Yuma, AZ - rt. 95/Avenue 7E

Roberto and Sylvia Rodriguez

Photo by Brad Pease
This earlier photo (left) was taken in May, 2014. This Descanso has been updated with a more permanent crosses.

November 24, 2015: 
Jury returns guilty verdicts in fatal collision

Recent Trial - Man accused of killing San Luis couple in crash in court

Photo by Brad Pease

Taken on November 11, 2015, these new photos show the updated Descansos for Sylvia and Robert. Items and plaques help mark this space at a very busy intersection, with a backdrop of a convenience store.
Photo by Brad Pease

Photo by Brad Pease
Photo by Brad Pease

Photo by Brad Pease

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

No Descansos for long stretch in SE Arizona, rt. 90

No Descansos On Back Road Stretch

I was surprised to see no descansos on a lonely stretch starting north of Bisbeee, AZ headed west on Rt. 90 to Nogales. 

Headed west  on rt. 90 through Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, and then onto rt. 82 through Patagonia, and then to Nogales, AZ.

I was returning to Yuma, AZ after a trip to Douglas, AZ, taking different back roads. Loved the drive and the view, though added many hours to my trip, with another later back road.
Later, heading southwest of Tucson on Rt. 86, there are a number of descansos, some that i have already documented. I do need to make some dedicated time to return to photograph and record more along that path. i wasn't able to stop to shoot any.

There are some small towns like Ajo, that would be an interesting place to stop for the night.

These are photos shout a few years back in 2006 on the same route. This descanso did have some additions of wrapping paper around the guard rail. I figure it had more personal notes written on it.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Unnamed: Spring Valley, AZ Southest of Prescott, AZ

Unnamed Descanso 

Photos by Brad Pease
 This descanso rests a few miles west of I-17 on Rt. 69 in Spring Valley.
Not far from Prescott, Arizona.

There are no details or names attached.


Photo by Brad Pease

LiL RED - Sandra Maydole, Arizona Rt-8/Rt-60 East of Quartzite, AZ


LiL RED is painted in red and the other letters are wooden. This descanso was a bit hard to see and rested uphill a little from the road and guardrail.

The painted wood shows some of the wear of time with wood grain through the white paint. Around the memorial are rocky earth, desert scrub, and ocotillos.

The dates shown are December 1963 - May 2001.
I had trouble finding much online, but assuming from an online source, this tragedy happened on May 23, 2001.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kumeyaay Highway, Yellow Flowers, Worn Placard

Kumeyaay Highway

South side of Rt. 8 Rt. 8 between Yuma, Arizona and El Centro, CAPhotos by Brad Pease

No name on this Descanso.
It was a hot day in the start of the summer.
Exposure to the weather and hot sun wore away at the name placard.

The rebuilt section of barbed wire looks like this is where the vehicle broke through

More photos of this Descanso:

Map location and other photos in the area

Friday, August 7, 2015

Derek Brooks - West of Tucson, Arizona

Derek Brooks, 27 years old

From Wilcox, Arizona
b. December 9, 1980
d. January 26, 2008

The decorations and metal stand out against a dramatic sky.

Photos taken on February 19, 2006

Newspaper articles:

Photos by Brad Pease

Kyle Drake - Farmington, New Mexico

Kyle Drake

North of Farmington, New Mexico
b. October 19, 1983    d. October 19, 2007

Reading news/opinion articles, I assume Kyle was drinking alcohol and tried escaping police. Eventually, ended up in this remote area and failed to negotiate a curve.

Note the dates of birth and accident.

More photos by Brad Pease at

Approximate Location on Google Maps'25.7%22N+108%C2%B012'35.9%22W/@36.7585167,-108.2156193,13.05z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0



State of New Mexico Press Release

This is a COMMENT section reference to a high speed chase
Actually wrote:
<quoted text>
Just because a family loses a son does not mean that the truth of the situation can't be told. Kyle was drunk & decided to run from the police. Pursuit was discontinued & yet he continued to drive like an idiot & eventually killed himself by his poor driving due to being drunk & yet the police are the problem? Please. The police are no more responsible for the actions of stupid people than are you or I. I guess the fool from WI who thinks that all high speed pursuits are wrong would have a different tune to sing if someone murdered one of his family members & took off running, never to be found?
God bless Officer Stock, thank goodness he's going to be OK.
Unfortunately, people make mistakes. Yes, its true. Some people are lucky ebough to get away with it with their lives. I think the topic is off regarding high speed police chases. Why are we blaming the police again?? The situatin is that this lady needs some help.(not trying to be rude, but its obvious). A police officer gets hurt trying to do his job. Now where does Kyle Drake come into this? Thats in the past. He paid for his mistake. Let it be. RIP Kyle. Hopefully, people will have the common sense needed to be better citizens and to keep our community safe.

Monday, August 3, 2015

East of Tucson, Arizona - Triple Crosses

East of Tucson, Arizona 
Triple Crosses
Rt. 85 or 86

Photo taken November 24, 2006

More images of this Descanso on

Approximate Location

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rodriguez Couple on Rt. 95, Yuma, AZ May 25, 2014

61-year-old Roberto Rodriguez and 56-year-old Sylvia Rodriguez from San Luis, Arizona
Site: Yuma, AZ, USA, Rt. 95 at 7E at the intersection.

I found myself very touched and angry by this accident caused by Markley Allen Foster, possible under the influence of drugs. An older couple's lives were cut short, T-boned at the intersection. A descanso was promptly created. A new permanent memorial has been installed with a pair of crosses. I will photograph the newer memorial some time soon.

I'm sorry to dwell on the criminal act. He is being held on $1 million dollars bail. He was being charged with Murder 2nd Degree, and other charges. I tried to research the final outcome of the trial, but I am not able to get any facts.

Newspaper articles:
"Foster, who police allege was driving at excessive speeds while under the influence of unspecified drugs when the collision occurred..." Nov. 19, 2014

More photos at


driver of other vehicle: Markley Allen Foster 

Plea agreements rejected
Trial was set for December 17, 2014
Competency Hearing
Trial and Outcome: ?