Friday, August 7, 2015

Kyle Drake - Farmington, New Mexico

Kyle Drake

North of Farmington, New Mexico
b. October 19, 1983    d. October 19, 2007

Reading news/opinion articles, I assume Kyle was drinking alcohol and tried escaping police. Eventually, ended up in this remote area and failed to negotiate a curve.

Note the dates of birth and accident.

More photos by Brad Pease at

Approximate Location on Google Maps'25.7%22N+108%C2%B012'35.9%22W/@36.7585167,-108.2156193,13.05z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0



State of New Mexico Press Release

This is a COMMENT section reference to a high speed chase
Actually wrote:
<quoted text>
Just because a family loses a son does not mean that the truth of the situation can't be told. Kyle was drunk & decided to run from the police. Pursuit was discontinued & yet he continued to drive like an idiot & eventually killed himself by his poor driving due to being drunk & yet the police are the problem? Please. The police are no more responsible for the actions of stupid people than are you or I. I guess the fool from WI who thinks that all high speed pursuits are wrong would have a different tune to sing if someone murdered one of his family members & took off running, never to be found?
God bless Officer Stock, thank goodness he's going to be OK.
Unfortunately, people make mistakes. Yes, its true. Some people are lucky ebough to get away with it with their lives. I think the topic is off regarding high speed police chases. Why are we blaming the police again?? The situatin is that this lady needs some help.(not trying to be rude, but its obvious). A police officer gets hurt trying to do his job. Now where does Kyle Drake come into this? Thats in the past. He paid for his mistake. Let it be. RIP Kyle. Hopefully, people will have the common sense needed to be better citizens and to keep our community safe.

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