Descanso Resources and Links

DESCANSOS (roadside memorials)
photo by Brad Pease

Descanso Resources and Links
Brad Pease:


photo by Brad Pease groups: 

New York Times article: Should Roadside Memorials Be Banned? JULY 12, 2009
Collection of opinions from legal, anthropological, and cultural perspectives by 5 different people. Discussions on constitutionality, legality, safety, separation of church and state, and distractions.

Crosses, Flowers, and Asphalt:
Roadside Memorials in the US South

Documentary Film by J. Michael KipikashMelissa Villanueva

Resting Places (2007)

Documentary about the global phenomenon of roadside memorials, their explosive worldwide growth, and the legal controversy that now surrounds the tradition.

Memorial For Tom Hutchinson

Let's Mock The Dead
Site mocking Descansos, and other irreverent (and irrelevant) rants

PhillipMarchJones1.jpgPhillip March Jones: Points of Departure: Roadside Memorial PolaroidsRoadside Memorial Polaroids, a series of snapshots of the highway shrines erected in the memory of lost loved ones. 

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