Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rodriguez Couple on Rt. 95, Yuma, AZ May 25, 2014

61-year-old Roberto Rodriguez and 56-year-old Sylvia Rodriguez from San Luis, Arizona
Site: Yuma, AZ, USA, Rt. 95 at 7E at the intersection.

I found myself very touched and angry by this accident caused by Markley Allen Foster, possible under the influence of drugs. An older couple's lives were cut short, T-boned at the intersection. A descanso was promptly created. A new permanent memorial has been installed with a pair of crosses. I will photograph the newer memorial some time soon.

I'm sorry to dwell on the criminal act. He is being held on $1 million dollars bail. He was being charged with Murder 2nd Degree, and other charges. I tried to research the final outcome of the trial, but I am not able to get any facts.

Newspaper articles:
"Foster, who police allege was driving at excessive speeds while under the influence of unspecified drugs when the collision occurred..." Nov. 19, 2014

More photos at


driver of other vehicle: Markley Allen Foster 

Plea agreements rejected
Trial was set for December 17, 2014
Competency Hearing
Trial and Outcome: ?

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